-Behind the Camera-


I've been interested in Visual Arts since 5th grade. Imagining what it would be like to have the ability to create visuals that would be seen on a screen of some sort was something I had wanted to try for myself, but unfortunately I had no resources. I recieved my first camera at Christmas '05. Ever since then i've had the ultimate goal of capuring the best footage possible to display to whoever it pleases. 


Having reached the Digital Era, this is an exciting time for not only Filmmakers, but people with a vision or idea. Years ago there were hefty processes for people to get film onto a screen, now all it takes is the right gear, skills and a matter of minutes for your project to be seen right infront of you. The resources I have collected for this provide me with the ability to satisfy anyone's request for getting their voice or vision into the digital world. 


My goal is to produce what you've only dared to imagine.

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